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The Top 7 Survival Tips for Crazy Busy Work at Home Moms

The Top 7 Survival Tips for Crazy Busy Work at Home Moms

Being a mom is stressful. Working is stressful. And when you combine the two, it can be downright overwhelming. Many moms work from home so they can be available to their children but still contribute to the household income. While there are no solid statistics on how many work at home moms (WAHM) there currently are, experts agree that the trend is on the rise.

While most people agree this solution is the best of both worlds, a WAHM will also tell you it is difficult. In fact, it can be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting from one day to the next. To make things a little easier on the modern mom working from home, here are seven essential tips to help you balance things:

  1. Schedule your workday. While this may change often, setting a definitive schedule ensures you don’t overwork. So, at the end of each day, jot down what you need to do tomorrow. That way, you can get to work faster and more easily each day.
  2. Take five minutes of “me time” every day. Grab a cup of tea or rest, but make sure to get at least five minutes to yourself every day. And if you can get more, go for it. You’ll feel better in the long run.
  3. Learn to say no. While it can be easy to say yes to every project, every school event, and every extra task someone wants to heap onto your shoulders it is vital to your mental health to just say no sometimes.
  4. Schedule cleaning. It may sound silly, but scheduling what you will clean and when, besides emergencies, of course, can help keep the house tidy and allow you to feel less pressure about what else you need to get done.
  5. Create a designated workspace. Having all your supplies in one area goes a long way to promote efficiency and productivity. You’ll get started quicker and be more proficient, too.
  6. Take at least one day off each week. It is tempting for a WAHM to work seven days a week, but it is also far from healthy. So give yourself one day of relaxation, if at all possible. By avoiding burnout, your outlook will improve, and you’ll be more productive, too.
  7. Enlist help with the chores and errands. Ask your partner to do the grocery shopping, and your children to clean up their own toys. You aren’t a superwoman. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes.

If you utilize these 10 simple tips, you can be an effective work at home mom without feeling drastically overwhelmed. There will always be those days where nothing seems to go right but keep your chin up. This, too, shall pass. Hopefully, these tips will help you balance your life.


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