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Why Fall is the Best Season to Introduce Your Child to Photography

Why Fall is the Best Season to Introduce Your Child to Photography

Cultivating your child’s interest in photography can turn it into a useful future hobby for them, allowing them to capture some special memories. Your child can express themselves creatively and possibly pursue a lucrative career in photography. Autumn is the best season of the year to produce amazing photos that are full of colorful impact. The changing leaves make it the perfect time to introduce photography to your child. So keep reading to get some tips on how to introduce your child to photography.

  1. Capture the Golden Hour

Capturing the elusive and beautiful “golden hour” is easier for school-age children during the fall. The ideal time for photo-taking is right after the sun begins to set. Luckily, sunset usually occurs a short time after children return home from school. So autumn’s golden hour is the most likely time to offer minimal interruptions to your child’s other daily activities.

  1. Open Your Child’s Eyes to Natural Wonders

The fall months offer numerous natural occurrences that are extremely beautiful and photograph-able. The trees are aflame with crimson leaves, the grass is golden, and the pumpkins and gourds are ripe on the vine. All of these and more are rich subject matter for your child to try their hand at capturing life with a lens.

  1. Enjoy the Animal Activity

Animals are lively in the fall. The squirrels and chipmunks are storing food for their impending hibernation and the birds are flying south for the winter. Spiders will spin webs to trap insects while they are still active. Attempting to photograph the local fauna adds an element of excitement to your child’s photography experience.

  1. Preserve Your Family Traditions

All families have at least one fall tradition, whether it is carving Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, baking pies for Thanksgiving, or attending county fairs and harvest festivals. Family traditions are a perfect excuse for your child to grab the camera and click away. They get to practice their skills and create priceless keepsakes at the same time.

Photography is a hobby anyone can enjoy with little time or expense. Purchase a basic camera for your child or give them one of your old ones and let them snap away. Before you know it, they’ll have a hobby they can share with the world. And since fall is so fleeting, your child will have some photos to enjoy all winter long.


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