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3 Sneaky Tips to Serve Veggies That Taste Delicious

3 Sneaky Tips to Serve Veggies That Taste Delicious

Do you have a fussy eater in your family? Some people just can’t seem to stomach vegetables. But with vegetables being so healthy, everyone needs to eat them daily. So here are three sneaky tips to serve veggies that even the fussiest will love.

  1. Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? It’s already orange, so nobody will notice if it’s a little brighter shade than normal. So, when preparing your favorite recipe, replace half of the milk that it calls for with one cup of pureed squash or carrots. Add more to suit your needs and watch your family gobble it up without even realizing they’re eating healthy.

  1. Green Sloppy Joes

Since greens are so full of vitamins. it’s essential to eat enough of them. But unfortunately, most children and even some adults detest greens. So slip them into a sloppy joe mixture and they will never know the difference. Dice up whatever vegetables you like. Some good ones are carrots, zucchini, fresh spinach and mushrooms.

Just saute them with the meat. You can also toss it all in the crockpot to soften the vegetables even more. Once it’s all covered in sauce, the vegetables will be incognito and quickly devoured.

  1. Sneaky Desserts

For as many kids and grownups who dislike greens, just as many love dessert. There are plenty of ways to pack even the most decadent dessert full of vegetables. Add a cup or two of shredded zucchini to your chocolate cake recipe. Blend up some fresh spinach and put it in your muffin recipe in place of milk and/or yogurt. Try adding in a small can of pumpkin to your oatmeal cookies.

It’s not terribly difficult to serve veggies that taste delicious. It’s only as limited as your imagination, so try some recipes of your own. You can shred, dice or mash them to suit any recipe to make sure your family eats healthy. Try these tips to get healthy veggies into your fussy eater each day.


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