Running an Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to make extra money to help pay your mortgage. Renting out a few rooms in a home to Airbnb guests appeals to a lot of people nowadays. But how do you protect your children from guests, as well as get good reviews with children who are sometimes loud? If you asking yourself this question, keep reading for some valuable tips on running an Airbnb with kids in the house.

  1. Keep Spaces Separate

Depending on your floor plan, you can put a strong door in between natural living spaces to create a separate in-law suite for your Airbnb guests only. Other people create a self-contained living space off a back door, in the basement or in an adjacent guest house. By keeping the spaces separate, you minimize interaction between your children and your guests.

  1. Be Transparent in Your Listing

When listing your space on Airbnb, disclose any relevant information. Let guests know where they can park and whether they will have access to certain parts of the home. Explain the entry and exit to the home. Always make sure to include a fire extinguisher in the suite.

  1. Get Your Children Involved in Cleaning

In between guests, encourage your children to take part in the cleaning duties. It will save costs as well as teach valuable skills. Make sure your children wear gloves when cleaning, so they don’t get germs or absorb cleaning products through the skin. Some easy tasks for children include sweeping, dusting and gathered linens.

  1. Re-Arrange Living and Play Spaces

To minimize noise, move your children to the side of the home that’s furthest away from the Airbnb guest suite. Talk to your children about volume control. It’s important to provide a quiet space so you keep up good reviews.

  1. List Your Home as Smoke Free

Since you have children living in the home, do not allow your Airbnb guests to smoke. If they are smokers, they can go for walks, drive or smoke in designated areas. Secondhand smoke is dangerous for children.

Before starting an Airbnb, check your rental lease or any HOA rules about short-term leases. It’s also important to keep find out if you will owe high property taxes depending on how often you lease your space. Go online to check how other people in your area list and decorate their homes. And most importantly, talk to your children about strangers and why they shouldn’t interact with guests so they will stay safe.