Women often neglect their retirement savings “nest egg” when they are younger. It’s too easy to let the play dates, work conferences and shopping trips take precedence over your retirement savings strategy. And, believe it or not, saving for retirement isn’t boring. In fact, most women feel empowered when they educate themselves about personal finance.

So, even if you are married to a man with a strong business sense, it’s important to protect your financial future. So, keep reading to consider some flexible retirement savings ideas for various life situations.

1. Your Retirement Savings is a Protected Asset

If something happens and you lose your job, your retirement savings is not up for grabs in bankruptcy court. Also, you can borrow money from a 401(k) if you have an unexpected expense. A better option is to take out the contributions to a Roth IRA since there are no penalties for taking out the money you put into it. In general, the best retirement strategy is to avoid touching the money you earn on your contributions.

2. Your Retirement Money Isn’t Necessarily a Part of Probate

In most cases, your spouse will receive your retirement account without it having to through probate. If your spouse dies, open an IRA Rollover account to receive funds from his 401(k) and regular IRA accounts. And, if you use a retirement savings strategy as a young mom, it’s easier to manage the retirement account of your spouse passes away.

3. Your Retirement Funds are Not Just for Retirement

The government allows people to tap their gains in some retirement accounts if they use it for specific purposes. For example, you can access some money for a down payment on your home. Also, you may be able to take some money out to pay for a child’s college education without penalty.

4. Retirement Money is Better Than Social Security

While social security will most likely be around for millennials, as well as members of Generation Z, most politicians make no secret about the cuts to social security. Also, it’s possible the government will raise the retirement age again. Most predict at least a 30 percent cut in social security benefits in the future. Also, an “un-baby boom” means fewer people who are paying into the social security system. One retirement savings strategy is to create a large retirement account to protect your lifestyle when you are older.

As far as opening a retirement account, consider a Roth IRA. Even if you don’t work, you can make Roth IRA spousal contributions. It’s easy to open accounts with a discount brokerage firm online. Set aside a percentage of the family income every month. Many accounts will keep you aware of how much more you can contribute to reach the maximum contribution amount for the year.

Having a retirement savings strategy is a smart way to protect your future. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have when you know you will have a retirement income. All it takes is a little time and effort to get the ball rolling.