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Top 6 Rainy Day Activities for the Family

Top 6 Rainy Day Activities for the Family
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Is the rainy weather keeping your family from going out? Do you need some fun ideas for a rainy day? Don’t let the stormy weather dampen your family time. Here are the top six rainy day activities for your family to enjoy together.

  1. Have a Movie Day

A great way to spend an afternoon is cuddled up with your family watching movies. You don’t need much to enjoy a movie day. Just gather a stack of family-friendly movies, put your pajamas back on, and get ready to cuddle on the couch all afternoon. Don’t forget to pop the popcorn for that real, movie theater feel. Thanks to the weather, you won’t feel guilty about staying inside all day. Better yet, this is one of the most affordable rainy day activities of them all.

  1. Play Board Games

Dust off the board games and break out the cards to enjoy a day of smiles and laughter. The hours will fly by as you and your family spend time playing a classic board game or two. This is one of the rainy day activities that should have a phone-free rule. That way, you’ll eliminate any distractions and can enjoy each other’s company to the fullest extent.

  1. Make it a Bake Day

Take advantage of being inside and declare it a bake day. Gather the entire family in the kitchen and browse the cookbooks together. Choose several baked goods and have fun as you mix, dip, and bake all sorts of goodies. You can always take it up a notch and have a family bake-off. You’ll cherish the memories you make by baking together.

  1. Create Blanket Forts

No one is too old to enjoy the magic of a blanket fort. Be certain to use all the family room furniture and every blanket you can find. Blanket forts are the best place for a family to hang out, read books and tell spooky stories together. This is one of the rainy day activities you can enjoy in the dark. Just grab some flashlights and turn off the lights.

  1. Have a Dance Party

Burn off some energy with an indoor dance party. Simply turn on the stereo, let loose, and dance the day away. Do you need some dance ideas? YouTube is a great resource for fun, high-energy, dance songs that are appropriate for families. As far as rainy day activities go, this one can help you stay healthy and fit.

  1. Launch a Splash Party

The summer months work the best for a splash party. There’s no planning involved for this party. Grab your family and head outside to embrace the rainy weather. Splash in the puddles, throw a football together, ride bikes around, and laugh as you get soaking wet. This will be one party that they won’t soon forget.

The weather does not have to halt your plans. These indoor rainy day activities will have you spending quality time with your family, even if it’s raining. They’re either inexpensive or free, and it doesn’t take a lot of planning to make them happen. Enjoy these activities, as you make rainy day memories that will last a lifetime.


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