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The Benefits of Online Public School for the Stay-at-Home Parent

The Benefits of Online Public School for the Stay-at-Home Parent

Many parents wonder about online public school for their children. Switching from public school to an online classroom experience can be stressful for parents. Many have concerns about socialization, cultural experiences, and whether they can manage their child in an online-based program. However, once they try it, many parents find their relationship with their children has become stronger than ever.

The Problems with Public Schools for Some Children

Many children struggle hard with the in-person public school setting. Nowadays, class sizes are huge, so some kids don’t get the individual attention they need to wrap their minds around the subject matter. And although many children are well-behaved and independent, they have trouble keeping up with the pace of the classroom. There are many distractions and oftentimes, not enough classroom support.

While most kids can push through their class work, they aren’t always engaged or interested in the school process. Many children simply shuffle through and do as little as possible because that is all the instructor asks of them. For some children, the traditional public school is just not a good fit. If your child doesn’t arrive back home happy, that should cause alarm for you as a parent.

The Difference Between Public Online School and Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not the same as a public online school. With homeschooling, the parent is on their own, depending on the program they choose. A homeschooling parent must be the teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, advisor and much more. However, school districts, charter schools, and state education agencies that are part of the public education system provide public online schools. They give every child in a state access to a high-quality public school education in a home-based learning environment.

Online public schools have state-certified, highly-qualified teachers who partner with parents to fill the needs of students. These experienced educators provide instruction, as well as guidance and support through web-based classrooms. They also offer one-on-one tutoring by phone, via online web meetings and in some situations, in face-to-face sessions.

And just like public schools, online schools use subject matter experts, general education teachers, certified special education teachers, paraprofessionals and school counselors and advisors. Online school teachers work hand in hand with parents to design learning plans to meet each student’s unique needs.

Public Online Schools: A Classroom Conclusion

The public online school allows parents to work with their child and offer supplementary materials and experiences to keep them engaged. For those children who struggle in public school, the online school can give them more confidence in their learning abilities and foster a lifelong love for learning.

Online schools offer field trips, forums and virtual classrooms for students to discuss and engage with each other. So if your child is struggling in public school, consider switching to a public online school, instead.


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