Home Wellness Meditation for Busy Moms: Wellness, Mindfulness and Simple Living

Meditation for Busy Moms: Wellness, Mindfulness and Simple Living

Meditation for Busy Moms: Wellness, Mindfulness and Simple Living

As a mother, you probably get up at 6 a.m., or earlier and get to bed by 11 p.m., or so. And in between, you have to go in a hundred directions. But on most days, you don’t have a minute to think about doing anything healthy for yourself. However, meditation for busy moms is all about recharging your energy. So, keep reading to learn how to de-stress your brain and create mental and physical wellness for yourself.

Meditation for Busy Moms: Simple Steps to Get You Started

Meditation is not just for chanting Monks, although sometimes the chanting is relaxing. When it comes to meditation for busy moms, it is about finding some time for yourself and allowing your brain to relax. So, here’s how to get started:

  • Find five minutes a day for yourself, even if it means sitting in your car at lunchtime.
  • Focus on breathing in and out, as this will temporarily reset your brain.
  • Feel the air rushing through your lungs and feeding your body.
  • Will your body to relax, beginning with your feet or your hands.
  • Once you become an expert at meditating for five minutes, increase to 10 and so on.

When you become mindful of yourself, you will become more cognizant of others. And it is easier to see what a friend needs when you are self-aware of your own life. Allow your spirituality to grow. When you are one with your breath, you can appreciate the goodness of the world.

Mindfulness for Moms Starts with Just Five Minutes a Day

Although meditation for busy moms is helpful, if religion helps you in some way, that’s great. However, if just the thought of the beautiful world we live in opens your senses, that will help you live more simply. However, living simply doesn’t mean rushing out to buy a farm, milking cows and gathering eggs. It means reducing the need to be constantly on the go. Also, it means slowing down and enjoying your life and family.

Meditation, wellness, mindfulness and simple living are all do-able in the on-to-go world of motherhood. You just have to take the time to find yourself. Remember, meditation for busy moms starts with just five minutes a day.


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