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How to Make a Small Home Work for Children

How to Make a Small Home Work for Children

Buying a home that is too cramped often comes back to haunt home buyers. But you can make a small home work for children when you find out there is going to be a new addition to your family. But while a tiny house smaller than 500 square feet is a nightmare for the average family, a home that’s about 1,200 square feet easily accommodates them.

Home and garden pros and real estate experts say the average home in 1950 was just 983 square feet. Your parents or grandparents likely finished a basement or attic or added a new home addition to make room for more children. In today’s world, it’s not impossible to raise children in a small space. While the average home today is about 2,500 square feet, not everyone lives in such spacious accommodations. So, read on to learn how to make the most of your home with kids.

Get Rid of the Clutter

The first step to make a small home work for children is to remove or reduce the clutter. So toss, donate or even sell your unwanted items. One rule of thumb is, if you have used or looked at it in over three years, it’s time to get rid of it. However, if there are some things you just can’t throw away, sell or give away, you can:

  • Put a storage shed in your backyard.
  • Rent a storage unit locally.
  • Ask other family members to hold items for you.

Paint with Lighter Colors

If you have a small home, avoid using dark flooring or colors on the wall. Instead, keep it light, bright and airy. Choose oak wood floors, lighter shades on the walls and light curtains. Heavy drapes and bulky furniture make a small space feel even more claustrophobic.

Also, get creative about storage, so you always have a convenient place to hide toys. To make a small home work for children, it needs to have plenty of shelves and stackable, colorful storage boxes.

Remove Furniture You Seldom Use

If you only use your formal dining room set for special occasions, consider putting it in storage or turning it into a smaller work table during the year. You can add a leaf to the table for holiday meals. During the rest of the year, use the dining room as a playroom for the children. It is easy to convert many rooms depending on the season and your needs.

To make a small home work for children, consider your needs and downsize. If you have limited space, it’s not practical to set a room aside as a guest room, for example. You can substitute your kitchen chairs for foldable ones. Buy a foldable table for the playroom, so you can remove it when the kids don’t need it.

Final Words on How to Make a Small Home Work for Children

There are lots of ways to save on space. You can use a tankless water heater, for example. Use apartment-size appliances like a stackable washer-dryer combination. And in the nice weather, take advantage of your yard as much as possible for playtime. Find unused space, like placing storage boxes under your bed, for example.

Some of the best home and garden tips include ideas from the tiny home movement. However, you don’t have to live in a 500-square foot home to put these helpful ideas to work. All it takes is a little time and effort, and you can make your small home work for children easily.


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