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The Wonderful Lessons Your Child Learns From Mistakes

The Wonderful Lessons Your Child Learns From Mistakes

No parent likes to see his or her child make mistakes at home or in school. And it is especially difficult for the perfectionist parent. However, when their child comes home with a couple of “B’s” on their report card, many parents gloss over their disappointment with a false smile. The fact is, many parents want their children to get straight “A’s,” but nobody is perfect. So, read on to learn about the many valuable lessons your child learns from mistakes.

Good Intentions Gone Wrong: When Parents Try to Come to the Rescue

Today, there is a stronger emphasis on parents to push their children to achieve academic excellence. Consequently, parents often resort to saving their child from imminent failure. Some common ways parents may intervene on their child’s behalf include:

  • Making sure they get all their homework done. even if it means sitting beside them.
  • Helping them with homework when they can do it on their own.
  • Keeping after them about their grades.
  • Forcing them to study for tests.

However, doing these things won’t help your child. Think back to some of the best lessons you learned along the way in life. The chances are that you learned many of those lessons through some hard knocks and failures. As difficult as it may be, letting go of your children and allowing them to make mistakes leads to some positive lessons. So, here are three of the most valuable lessons your child learns from mistakes.

  1. Humility

The first life lesson your child learn from mistakes is humility. There is nothing quite like being knocked down a few times to bring about a bit of humility. By humility, it doesn’t mean a lack of confidence. Rather, it is the realization that everyone is prone to making mistakes. This enables a child to be more forgiving to others when they make mistakes. It also develops patience.

  1. Perseverance

The second valuable lesson your child learns from mistakes is perseverance. Perseverance comes about as your child recovers from a stumble and has to try again or keep going. Your child will see the value of their continued hard efforts. They may even realize that overcoming adversity is worth it in the end. This skill will serve them well, even making them more successful in life.

  1. Strength

Have you ever walked around barefoot in the summer? You probably developed a callous on your feet from stepping on sharp rocks, gravel and other bristly things. This makes your feet even tougher. And the same happens when your character goes through sharp adversity, rough times, and other bristly situations.

In time, your inner strength develops. And this is one of the most important lessons your child learns from mistakes. Inner strength is an important quality for any well-balanced adult.

Final Thoughts on the Lessons Your Child Learns from Mistakes

While it is not easy to watch a child stumble and fall, it is crucial to let them. Of course, you will want to step in if that mistake is going to hurt them or someone else. But the life lessons your child learns from mistakes will stick with them forever. And, as long as they are positive ones, your child will grow into a stronger, more stable adult.


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