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3 Inspiring Home Decorating Ideas for the Artistically Challenged

3 Inspiring Home Decorating Ideas for the Artistically Challenged

When it comes to home decorating, some people find it challenging to come up with new ideas. However, even the artistically challenged can find ways to express their creativity with interior décor. All it takes is a few tools and some time to change your home’s look. So keep reading to learn three quick and easy ways to update your living space.

  1. Draw on the Furniture

Even if you aren’t a Picasso, you can get out a permanent marker and a metal ruler for some home decorating tricks. By using a metal ruler and a marker, you can draw on pillows and lampshades or even give the sofa an artistic look. Try drawing on the edge of tablecloths if you want to practice. Also, grab some old pillows your children can use as a canvas. Today, permanent markers come in a variety of colors, so have fun.

  1. Add Decorative Molding

Another simple DIY home decorating is to add molding to the walls. Whether you paint the trim yourself or find one that is already primed, crown molding and chair railing add an architectural touch to your living space.

  1. Make a Family Art Gallery

By buying black and silver matching frames, you instantly create a wow effect with an art gallery. Ask each of your children to contribute either photographs they took or drawings. Use linen material for the background. The key for a mini art gallery for home decorating purposes is to make it look cohesive.

More Tips on Home Decorating for the Artistically Challenged

Other ideas for home decorating include painting cabinets and displaying beautiful collector items or glassware. Look for inexpensive objects and décor items on discount. Also, think outside the box with how you use items. For example, use soft pillows as seats for indoor or outdoor benches by anchoring them in place with shoelaces.

Outside, set aside some flower beds for your children to grow colorful marigolds and other plants that rarely fail to thrive. Home decorating doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you are artistically challenged.


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