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Top 10 Ways Your Family Can Enjoy the Rest of the Summer

Top 10 Ways Your Family Can Enjoy the Rest of the Summer

It’s amazing what happens after August ends. You think you’re still in the prime of summer and then, suddenly, school supplies begin to flood the store aisles. The sidewalk chalk is on clearance and the pencils are plentiful. Your inbox swells with emails about upcoming orientations, teacher assignments and class schedules. But there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather, so here are 10 ways to do just that.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

When you go on vacation, you probably do some sightseeing and visit a few of tourist spots. But how often have you done that in your town? If you live in or near a metropolitan city, check it out. Hit all the hot spots and, like any tourist. And, be sure to take plenty of pictures with your crew.

Go on a Picnic

Picnics are the perfect meal for families of any age. Does your toddler “accidentally” drop their food? No problem. Your preschooler would rather run around than eat? Sure. Your grade-schooler has only a few days until cafeteria food re-enters his life? No problem. Pack your own picnic lunch or, even easier, get carry-out from a favorite restaurant. In the warm weather, find the perfect outdoor spot for your family to enjoy lunch together.

Check Out the Local Splash Pads

Many cities now have splash pads, which are decidedly more kid-friendly than swimming pools. If your local city has a splash pad, take your kids for a few hours of water play. If there’s no splash pad in your area, break out the sprinkler. Take advantage of the warm weather to splash while it lasts.

Create a Family Scavenger Hunt

Choose something your family enjoys and create your own scavenger hunt to complete over the remainder of the warm weather. Maybe your family is crazy about donuts. So, list all the donut shops within a 20-mile radius. And, then visit a new one each week.

Perhaps your family’s thing is sporting events, or art shows or outdoor concerts. Whatever it is, make a list of places to go and have a blast checking them off one by one.

Go on a Playground Crawl

You’ve heard of pub crawls and progressive dinners. And, while those are novel for adults, they’re hardly kid-friendly. Instead of leaving the fun to the grown-ups, go on a kid-appropriate crawl of the local playgrounds during the warm weather days. Visit schools, parks, playscapes – anywhere there’s a playground. Spend an hour or so there before moving on to the next one. The bonus is everyone will sleep well that night.

Hit up an Outdoor Movie Screening

If you live in or near a metropolitan city, there are often outdoor warm weather evening movie screenings. Better yet, they’re usually free. Find a family-friendly movie night, pack up snacks and a blanket and enjoy a film under the stars.

Set Up a Lemonade Stand

Set up a lemonade, Kool-Aid or a kombucha stand, since people get thirsty in the warm weather. Just nurture your kids’ entrepreneurial spirit by helping them launch their own curbside business. Or, you can donate the funds you earn.

Make it a day-long learning experience. And, depending on their ages, kids can make signs, measure drink mix for beverages and handle money. Also, they learn math skills for the win-win.

Check Out Activities at Your Local Park or Nature Preserve

Parks and nature preserves often have a wealth of classes that are often free or for a nominal fee. And they appeal to various interests and ages. So, check out the website of your local park service to see their offerings. Whether it’s making a bee house or hiking a dry creek bed, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and get outside.

Ask Your Kids What They Want to Do

Can’t think of something you’d like to do? Ask the kids for ideas. If it’s feasible, affordable and doesn’t involve sharp objects, try being the “yes mom” for an afternoon. As long as it’s a way for everyone to enjoy the last of the warm weather, say “yes.”

Learn Something New

With so many classes at parks, libraries and online, there’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s swimming, campfire building or canoeing, go for it. Find a local outlet offering a class or simply gather your own supplies and give something new a try. However, since you want to enjoy the warm weather outdoors, look for an outdoor activity.

Like it or not, fall is here, but the warm weather will linger for a short time before the first frost. So, there’s time to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Try a few of these ideas with your crew and make the most of the nice weather before it’s gone.


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