Kids today have the entire world at their fingertips, yet many are falling behind on reading. When children fall in love with reading at a young age it stays with them the rest of their lives. When children struggle with reading it also sticks with them, making it harder to be successful in the future. So, here are 5 simple ways to encourage your children to read more.

  1. Match Their Screen Time

Tell your kids they can watch TV for one hour if they read for one hour first. Most kids get too much screen time anyway. If they want to be entertained, they should have to do some work. You could even try bribing them with data. If they want to keep playing their games, they need to read.

  1. Get a Book Group Together

Check with other parents to see if their children might want to start a book club. Offer to host a bi-monthly book club. Your child will have an opportunity to socialize with peers who are all reading the same book. That will encourage them to read more. Also, they will learn new ways of communicating in groups settings.

  1. Throw a Book Themed Party

If your kids finish a book series, throw them a themed party. For example, if your daughter reads the entire Harry Potter series, decorate the living room like Hogwarts. They can invite her best friends over for a Harry Potter movie marathon and sleep over.

  1. Read with Them

If they don’t see you reading, your kids won’t want to do it, either. So set a designated reading time in your house. Everyone has to sit in the same room and read their own books. No phones. No TV. Show them that reading is important enough to do every day. Talk about the book you’re reading and ask them about theirs.

  1. Find Books Together

Take weekly trips to the bookstore or the library. Let your kids peruse the different sections and discover new genres. Sure, they might have their own tablet, but sometimes holding an actual book feels more authentic than waiting for a download.

Reading doesn’t have to feel like a chore. If your child has little interest in reading now, they will continue to struggle, so, help motivate change now.