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Dressing Your Baby: 6 Fast Tips for First-Time Parents

Dressing Your Baby: 6 Fast Tips for First-Time Parents

Before your baby can tell you what they need, it can be difficult to figure out what’s best for them, especially for first-time parents. When they cry, it could be because they need a diaper change or are hungry. It could also be because they are too warm or too cold. So, how do you know how to dress your baby appropriately? Here are six fast tips to help you figure that out.

  1. When going out, dress your baby as you are dressed. If it is warm, and you are only wearing a short-sleeved shirt than your baby will probably be comfortable in just a onesie with leggings. If it is cold, and you are wearing a big jacket, your baby should also be wearing a jacket.
  2. When it’s bedtime, dress your baby a layer under what you will be. If you are wearing pajamas and using a comforter, then place baby in a sleep sack. Using only a sheet? Opt to dress baby in only short-sleeved footie pajamas or in warm weather a diaper shirt.
  3. Is your baby cold? If your baby’s skin appears mottled, they are probably cold. They may or may not shiver. So, add a layer.
  4. Is your baby too hot? If your baby begins to sweat or the look flushed, remove a layer of clothing.
  5. If you’re not sure whether your baby is comfortable in their clothes, check their temperament. Are they playing quietly or sleeping soundly and not sweating? They’re probably fine. Are they fussing or otherwise showing signs of discomfort? You may need to adjust their clothing.
  6. Dress your baby at all times for comfort, not style. This includes shoes when your baby begins to walk.

The above tips can help you figure out the best way to dress your baby, based on the weather, so they are not too warm or too cold. Soon, your baby will be able to tell you what they need. But for now, these tips will help make your baby comfortable and give first-time parents a little boost in their confidence.


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