Home Parenting Children’s Winter Projects That Show Them Spring is on the Way

Children’s Winter Projects That Show Them Spring is on the Way

Children’s Winter Projects That Show Them Spring is on the Way

The snow falls like a blanket on some parts of the country in the winter. However, there are plenty of home and garden children’s winter projects to keep your kids occupied. So, to remind them spring is coming, choose craft projects, gardening activities and reading lessons surrounding conservation and wildlife. During the winter, you can start seedlings inside the home, construct a simple greenhouse and read children’s books about gardening.

Let your children pick out seeds by looking at seed catalogs as part of the planning process. During the winter months, most gardening activities take place inside the home. But, your children can look forward to spring with these fun and easy projects.

Create a Container Garden

In the winter, encourage your children to use their creativity to paint terra-cotta pots for starting vegetables to plant outside in the spring. You can start a container garden in the winter by growing herbs or flowers that bloom in the early spring. Set up a special room or corner and add a grow light. You can even use a windowsill. This is one of the children’s winter projects that keeps on giving.

Have Fun with Popsicle Sticks and Other Household Items

Use ordinary household items to teach your child how to re-use and recycle. So, use popsicle sticks as plant labels and supports. Another one of the best children’s winter projects is to turn plastic milk jugs into bird feeders. Old newspaper or toilet paper rolls often work great as seed-starting containers that go directly into the soil in the spring. The type of paper decomposes in the soil.

Learn to Make Simple Bird Feeders

Winter is a good time to take the children to a hardware store that offers free lessons on how to make bird feeders and other projects. You can also go outside to explore the yard. Collect pine cones, which you roll in peanut butter and birdseed to feed the birds. Children can use many common household items as bird feeders and houses.

More Fun Children’s Winter Projects

Other fun children’s winter projects include hunting for berries and plants for making holiday wreaths and centerpieces. Remember to talk to your children about poisonous plants first, though. Depending on your child’s age, explore the yard together. Bittersweet plants often make beautiful centerpiece arrangements.

In the winter, teach your kids about taking care of houseplants. Your kids can even grow a sweet potato vine by putting a sweet potato in a jar. Just fill it halfway with water until the sprouts appear and turn into a houseplant.

There are many more children’s winter projects to choose from, so look in the library or online at sites like Pinterest for lots of inspiring ideas. Choose activities that get your kids excited for the upcoming spring and summer, so winter won’t seem so long.


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