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The Top 4 TV Shows That Can Boost Bilingualism in Children

The Top 4 TV Shows That Can Boost Bilingualism in Children

For a child who has no idea what being bilingual means, explaining the concept may not spark their interest. However, there are some fun, educational TV programs that encourage speaking more than one language. These shows may even encourage bilingualism in children. With their catchy theme songs, lovable characters and bilingual speech, these TV shows are a fun way to boost child bilingualism.

  1. Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso uses action and adventure during problem-solving “missions” to complete difficult tasks. And the character does that all while familiarizing viewers with Spanish. They even occasionally throw in some French and Italian, too. Your child will get so caught up in the story, they won’t even know their learning a new language.

  1. Handy Manny

The premise of Handy Manny follows a bilingual contractor who uses his magic toolbox to help his friends and neighbors. This program uses a good deal of the Spanish language throughout. Also, it shows what it looks like to be a good citizen, as well as the rewarding experience of assisting others.

  1. Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Kai-Lan is a young Chinese-American girl who, along with her animal pals, aids viewers in attempting common Chinese words and phrases. Other themes present in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan are good ways to deal with emotions, such as sadness or anger. Best of all, this show celebrates diverse cultures and multi-generational family lifestyles.

  1. Dora The Explorer

Perhaps the most iconic program on the list, Dora The Explorer exhibits simple ways to introduce the Spanish language using relatable examples and repetition. Recognized and beloved by children of all backgrounds, Dora and her monkey, Boots, will have your children singing, “Come on, vamanos!” day and night.

Exposing your children early on to different languages and cultures can be a highly beneficial decision. But it can be difficult if you have little experience with them yourself. By utilizing a fun, visual source like television, it is easy to encourage bilingualism in children today. These TV shows make it easy to learn another language. They also help children understand the advantages of proficiency in more than one language.


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