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The 3 Best Work from Home Parenting Tips You’ll Want to Share

The 3 Best Work from Home Parenting Tips You’ll Want to Share

Being a parent is the hardest job a person takes on in their lifetime. Some people choose to work from home to find a better work/life balance. However, most struggle with finding time to work with their kids playing and making noise in the background. So here are the three best work from home parenting tips you’ll want to share. They will help you strike a better balance between meeting those project deadlines, staying sane, and keeping your kids happy, all at the same time.

  1. Plan Ahead

Plan, plan and plan ahead. If you are a remote worker, you are used to getting things done without a boss hovering over your shoulder. Creating a plan for your daily workflow is crucial to finding success as a work from home parent. If you are working from home, chances are you’re also in charge of taking the kids to appointments and doing other daily tasks.

Every evening, or at the end of every workday, sit down and create a plan of action for the next day. Include things like waking up before the kids to get in a solid hour of work. Make a rough schedule for things like playdates, doctor visits and nap time. You should have an idea when you can work and when you will be doing other activities.

  1. Set Routines

This goes hand-in-hand with planning but deserves a section of its own. Setting routines lets everyone in the house, including the kids, know what’s going on and when. Get a naptime routine down, so you don’t waste precious time you could spend working.

Implement a quiet time when the kids play and mommy and/or daddy gets some work done on the computer. This varies by each child’s age range and development but setting routines and learning exactly what works best for your family provides optimal time for being productive.

  1. Be Flexible

There will be some days your child is an absolute angel. They will keep themselves busy, cause a minimal fuss, and let you get all your work done for the day. But let’s face it, for parents, that isn’t a reality. Some days your precious angel will refuse to nap or cause a ruckus at lunchtime. Children get sick, make messes and shed tears. As a work from home parent, the biggest lesson to learn is how to be flexible.

Learn how to work outside those regularly scheduled hours and step out of the norm. You may have to work before the sun rises or after your kids go to bed, but that’s okay. As long as you are productive and feel more balanced, that’s all that matters, so stay flexible and be creative.

Being a work from home parent is by no means a cakewalk, but with these three tips, it can become more manageable. Whether you are trying to find a better work/life balance or just prefer the remote way of working, planning ahead, setting routines, and being flexible are pertinent parts of keeping you sane and your kids happy. Implementing these work from home parenting tips are sure to increase productivity and decrease stress, so start tomorrow and may all the luck be with you.


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