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Baby Milestones Parents Should Watch for in the First Three Months

Baby Milestones Parents Should Watch for in the First Three Months

New parents are going to be so excited to see their little baby for the first time, but some might be wondering what they should be expecting. So, here’s a list of some of the things to look out for during the first three months of your baby’s life. Each of these milestones is important and show that the little one is growing as or even faster than you may have expected.

Month One

During the first month, your baby will lift their head for short periods of time. This means they are growing stronger in their tiny necks. It might even look a little silly as their head bounces up and down, but it’s an exciting and wonderful thing that they are doing it. Here are some more things to look for in the first month:

  • Moves head from side to side: This goes hand in hand with the first point, they’re growing their muscles so they can be big, tough cookies when they get older.
  • Makes jerky arm movements and brings hands to face: Both of these are helping them learn where their body is and what’s where. You’re going to have to keep their little nails trimmed though, you don’t want your baby to scratch their faces while they explore their eyes and nose.
  • Can focus on items eight to 12 inches away: This may be a little harder to play with, but if you take one of their toys a rattle or something shiny and put it about eight inches away, the little one should be able to focus on the toy. This means their eyes are getting stronger so they can see you better.
  • Turns toward familiar sounds/voices and responds to loud sounds: Things like turning their head toward your voice means their recognizing you. This is great, they remember you. Or if they jump and get startled by loud noises, this is also a good thing. It means their hearing is progressing as it should.
  • Blinks at bright lights: This goes with the focusing on objects. It means their eyes are strong enough to notice the change. This might seem mundane, but it’s important.

Month Two

During the second month, look for the following signs of development in your baby:

  • Smiles: All parents are happy to see their baby smile for the first time. There’s nothing more special than when a baby looks you in the eyes and smiles wide.
  • Tracks objects with eyes: Take a toy and move it slowly side to side. Does your baby follow it? If so, that’s good because their eyesight is growing stronger by the day, and so is their retention.
  • Makes sounds other than crying: Another exciting milestone, the coos and ahhs from a baby. This is when they start talking back to you in their own little way.

Month Three

The third month is when your baby will start to raise their head and chest when you put them on their tummy. It’s exciting to look at them trying to be strong. This is going to help their backs, necks and arms get stronger. Here’s what else you can watch for:

  • Kicks when on their back and pushes down when feet touch hard surface: Your baby is trying to get moving now. Their legs are going to be a little more spastic and wanting to go, go, go.
  • Opens and shuts hands and grasps toys? Babies a lot more fun to play with at month three because they can shake things all on their own now. They might also try to stick the toy in their mouth, to make sure it’s safe for the little one.
  • Begins to imitate sounds: Be careful what you say, the little tyke might try to say what you’re saying. Their ahhs and oos might be a little clearer at this point.
  • Shows interest in circular and spiral patterns: Toys with fun, repetitive designs might end up being your baby’s favorite because they’ll be finding those things to be more fun to look at than just plain colors.

These are just some of the baby milestones to watch for, but you should talk to your doctor about any other ones to make note of, too. The first three months may be an exciting time for parents, but there’s much more coming as your child continues to develop.


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