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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Crush Vacation Week Boredom

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Crush Vacation Week Boredom

School vacation week can start out exciting for children and their parents. However, due to outside forces like the weather, illness or financial constraints, it can be hard to find activities to do that are budget-friendly. If you struggle to keep your children busy at home, here are five great ways to crush vacation week boredom.

  1. Family Game Night

A family game night could be a fun way to pass the hours or to add fun to a regular day or night. Play board games, charades or any other game, but you can also allow video games. To get buy-in from the children, have them find and select what they want to play. You can invent games to play, as well. What could be better on a rainy afternoon?

  1. Have a Snowball Fight

To play, divide into two teams, have each team get set up on either side of a designated space. If there is snow outside, you can use the real thing. However, if there isn’t any snow, just crumble up paper to snowball size. And then, like outside, begin a snowball fight by throwing the paper balls across the designated space. You can adopt rules to determine when the battle ends and provide a reward for the person who picks up the most after the game is over.

  1. Set Up and Do a Scavenger Hunt

You can do a scavenger hunt indoors, outdoors, at a park, at the mall or anywhere where you don’t have to pay an admission to enter. If you have toddlers maybe incorporate numbers, colors, and letters, too. For example, they need to find four green apples. Or, with older participants create riddles to have them figure out what they are looking for before they have to find it.

  1. Hold a Family Story Night

As a family, select a book that all would enjoy hearing. Take turns reading the book, helping younger ones when it is their turn. If your child can’t read yet, have them sit so they can see the words and pictures. Provide their favorite drink and snack to enjoy during the story.

A twist to this could be to draw numbers and create a story. The first would start, and each member would have a set amount of time to add to the story. If someone runs out of steam before the time is up, they can pass, but each member has to contribute something. Additional ideas can be added when their turn comes again. You can record the story by writing it down or in some other way to share again in later years.

  1. Donate Some Time

Have your children work alongside you as you serve a meal or two at a shelter, sing carols or visit an area assisted living facility. Your children can also select some of their older toys that are in excellent shape to donate to a local hospital or other children in need. Physically giving the toys, could help them learn that they can feel as happy by giving as when they are receiving.

Fun Times and Good Memories

These activities could increase your family fun. They could strengthen your bond and could uncover hidden talents. They will create memories to share in later years and will help keep your children amused without adding an extra burden to your budget. Now everyone can look forward to school vacation week.


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