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3 Ways to Relax and Enjoy More Quality Time With Your Kids

3 Ways to Relax and Enjoy More Quality Time With Your Kids

As a mom, your schedule gets busier and busier every day. During the week, the focus is on routines like schooltime, naps, bathtime, and bedtime. On the weekends, when you should be able to enjoy quality time with them, there is always a birthday party, soccer game, or another event to attend.

So it’s easy to feel like you are just shuffling your kids around from one place to another, rather than enjoying spending time with them. If all that sounds familiar, keep reading to learn three tips to help you relax and enjoy more quality time with your kids.

  1. Set Aside 30 Uninterrupted Minutes Every Day

You’re probably thinking the word, “uninterrupted,” might as well be “impossible.” This can be any 30 minutes of the day. Make a habit of spending extra minutes during bath time playing with foam letters or other bath toys. Select a book to read together right before bedtime.

Have your little one help you tidy up after dinner to the soundtrack of your favorite Disney movie. This time can be spent any way you’d like, and the fact that it is quality time will make both you and your little one feel more connected.

  1. Look Your Child in the Eyes When They Speak to You

Children seem to have a talent for waiting until you are at your busiest to come and tell you about what they had for lunch today, down to the flavor of the Jello. When this happens, it’s tempting to keep your eyes fixed on your task and nod a simple, “That’s nice, sweetie.”

Instead, take a moment to look up at your child and hear what they have to say. If it’s not a good time, which it almost never is, just say, “I’d love to hear about that, honey, just as soon as I finish this.” Acknowledging your child will make them feel heard.

  1. Take a Break from Your Routine

This is a tough one. Routines are what make a household run and keep a cranky toddler from throwing a tantrum. Sometimes, though, parents become so attached to the way they do things that they forget what it’s like to live in the moment. Change things up by taking your baby to the park after you pick them up or going out for ice cream after dinner.

These occasions don’t need to be frequent, but they do need to be spontaneous. These little breaths of fresh air will be the occasions that you and your children will remember the most.

These three tips should help improve your quality time with your child. Try one or try them all, and you should notice an improvement in those little moments. Remember, kids grow up fast, so enjoy every moment to the fullest.


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