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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact When Homeschooling

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact When Homeschooling

Many parents nowadays homeschool their children. And while it can be highly rewarding, that means they have even less time than parents who don’t. If you are a homeschooling parent, here are three easy ways to keep your sanity intact when homeschooling your kids each day.

Take It One Day at a Time

Not every day is going to work out. There will be days that turn into meltdowns, but the benefits far out way them. If you can get your kids to sit for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, without a problem, that is a good day. There are some days you will get lots of learning done and then there are others that nothing gets done.

So, instead of worrying about what you are accomplishing in one day, consider the connections you are making with your kids. Also, consider the big picture instead of looking at each day by itself. There are many homeschooling groups, so consider joining one to connect with other parents and share ideas.

Have Fun Watching Your Children Learn

You don’t have to make the whole day about writing, reading and arithmetic. However, do make the whole day about learning. Many teachers will tell you that you don’t have to be doing book work every single hour of the day for your child to learn. They learn from interacting with peers and adults.

Kids learn from playing in the mud. Best of all, they learn from watching their parents go through their day. The best way to tutor your kids is to make it fun and inviting. If your children are bored out of their minds, the learning has stopped. And you are just wasting your energy.

Turn a book assignment into a play, teach the periodic tables through a fun color-coded game, and use manipulatives to teach division. Whatever way you decide to tutor your kids, make sure you enjoy the time you instruct your kids and they will enjoy learning.

Keep the Schedule Flexible

You don’t have to schedule every second of your child’s day. Sometimes your schedule will not work out and other times you will be on track. If you feel guilty when your schedule doesn’t work out, you will waste time feeling bad about your failed plans. And your mind will be filled with worry that your kids are not learning.

Instead, throw that schedule out the window and work on a more flexible way of learning. If you leave your learning open, you will find that your kids will begin to learn things on their own that you may have not thought they were ready for. This opens a whole new world of learning up to them. Also, it helps you to see the person that your kid will grow up to be.


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