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20 Little Must-Have Games for Big Family Fun

20 Little Must-Have Games for Big Family Fun

Game night, anyone? Game night is a fun family tradition. And what better way to spend a rainy afternoon or vacation day? Here are 20 little games that are a must-have for big family fun.

For the Younger Crowd: Ages 3 to 8

These games may be for the younger crowd, but they are also fun for grown-ups, too:

  • Pie Face: For kids ages three and up, don’t be the one to get pie-faced.
  • Yeti In My Spaghetti: This fun game is for kids age four and above. Take turns removing spaghetti noodles without being the one to drop the yeti in the bowl.
  • Hedbanz Jr: For ages five and up, this one is similar to 20 Questions, but the answer is on your forehead and everybody guesses at the same time.
  • Connect 4: It’s like tic tac toe stood up – for ages six and over.
  • Bananagrams: For ages seven and up, this is a fast paced tile word game where the first person to use all their tiles is the winner.
  • Phase Ten: Kids ages seven and up can be the first to complete 10 card phases to win this game.
  • Pictionary: For kids ages eight and above, this game is like Charades with doodles and your fridge won’t be naked afterward.
  • Jenga: For ages eight and up, players take turns removing blocks from a tower without being the one to topple it over.
  • Guesstures: For players ages eight and beyond, this is like a fast-paced like Taboo. Bet your team to guess as many cards as possible by acting them out like Charades.
  • Scrabble: Another game for ages eight and above, you place letter tiles on a game board to strategically create words in places with the highest points possible.

For Intermediate Players: Ages 10 and Up

These games are a bit more advanced, but nonetheless fun to play:

  • Mad Gab: For players 10 and above. Your partner has to make you realize what you’re saying as you read words that are constructed to sound like another sentence when you read them together. Everyone can hear it except you. It’s hilarious.
  • Malarky: This is a bluffing game for kids 10 and up. Get other players to vote for your lie. Try to vote for the truth when they lie.
  • Quelf: Quelf is a random game of rules for those 12 and over. Players take turns drawing cards and doing whatever the card says to do. Spoiler alert- the cards are designed to embarrass you. Have fun.
  • Apples to Apples: This game is for those 12 and up. Play your noun card against the adjective card and hope the judge votes for you.
  • Curses: Do whatever your cards tell you to do in this game for players 12 and beyond. The more you end up holding the more ridiculous you look.
  • MindTrap: This is a whole box of puzzles and riddles for those 12 and over. Solve them to win.
  • Scattergories: Race to complete the longest list of things in a certain category. For ages 12 and up.

Games for Those Who Want a Bigger Challenge

  • Taboo: Get your partner to say the word at the top of the card without using any of the words on the bottom of the card. Easy, right? This is a challenging, fun game for those ages 13 and up.
  • Cranium: This game for those 16 and up is a little Pictionary, a little Trivial Pursuit, a little Charades, and a little crazy.
  • Moods: For those 18 and up, you just say what’s on the card in the mood it shows you. The other players have to guess the mood you were trying to convey even as it didn’t match what you said.

There’s nothing like family game night or spending a stormy day playing games. They’re a great way for family and friends to let go of some stress and even bond a bit. But you don’t have to wait until nighttime. These games are fun for sick days, school breaks and any time you feel like taking a fun break. So, the next time you feel like bring a game out, try one of these gems.


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