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15 of the Best Family-Friendly Cities in America

15 of the Best Family-Friendly Cities in America

If you have children but can’t stand the city you live in, maybe it’s time to relocate. You’re probably looking for a place where the schools are excellent, where there is a low level of crime, and an affordable cost of living. It’s also good to find out if there are lots of family-friendly activities there. So, read on to learn about the 15 best family-friendly cities in America.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

There are several reasons why Raleigh is one of several booming southern cities in the nation. The overall cost of living is a little lower than the national average, and the property taxes are low in Raleigh. U.S. News and World Report ranked Raleigh the 13th best place to live.

The unemployment rate is 3.9 percent, and the average income there is $52,000 annually. What also makes this one of the best family-friendly cities in America are attractions like the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Marbles Kids Museum.

  1. Olive Branch, Mississippi

Olive Branch is one of the top family-friendly cities in Mississippi, and it’s not far from neighboring Memphis, TN. This city has a strong reputation for excellent schools and safe streets. In 1990, the city had a little over 3,000, and today it has close to 37,500 residents. The average home price is $185,000, and the city also has a weekly farmer’s market. Olive Branch also has a high graduation rate.

  1. Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is an excellent place for families to move to. You can purchase a home for less than $300,000, and the job market is going strong there. Some of the fastest-growing industries in Richmond include healthcare, hospitality and food services, and waste management, as well as banking.

Capital One’s headquarters are there, too. Some great places for families to see in Richmond include Haymarket Museum, Mount Vernon and the National Air and Space Museum.

  1. Omaha, Nebraska

This is another of the greatest family-friendly cites to live in. Omaha has about 157 playgrounds and the city has good schools overall. The cost of living is 10.5 percent below the national average, and the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent. Omaha is an amazing foodie city since it is an agricultural hub and numerous restaurants that celebrate local fresh foods.

Some of the best attractions in Omaha include the Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha Children’s Museum, and the CenturyLink Center, where major events are held. The city’s high school graduation rate is 90 percent.

  1. Allentown, Pennsylvania

This city is a small town, but it has big fun for families with attractions such as the Museum of Indian Culture, a transportation museum called America on Wheels, the Allentown Art Museum, and the Da Vinci Science Center. The Great Allentown Fair has existed for 162 years, and it is a showcase of the area’s agricultural heritage, along with rides.

  1. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a superb family-friendly city and here is why. About 18 Fortune 500 companies call Dallas home, and this works well for those seeking better employment so that they can raise their families well. Dallas also has a diverse population so this is ideal for families of all ethnic backgrounds.

Corporations such as Frito-Lay, Texas Instruments, Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group, and J.C. Penney are headquartered in Dallas. This city also has a vibrant art scene, and football fans will enjoy Dallas Cowboys games in the fall. The city’s public and private schools are excellent.

  1. Irvine, California

This city is a little pricey with average prices of homes starting at $500,000. But this price tag is worth it when you think about the perks for families. Since Irvine is close to Los Angeles, you can take a quick drive there to check out some of the attractions.

The public schools in Irvine have a great reputation. Unlike Los Angeles, the traffic in Irvine is not too congested. It also has a low crime rate.

  1. Chandler, Arizona

Chandler is a growing city, and the average test scores of their high schools are excellent. The high school graduation rate is also great. The average household income for Chandler residents is $81,000, and there are 64 parks citywide.

Chandler has family festivals all year round. They include the Celebration of Unity Multicultural Festival, the Chandler Jazz Festival, Hispanic Heritage Month events, and the Chandler Indian Art Market.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you’re an active family, you should consider Minneapolis. This city offers a wide variety of parks, trails, and access to ski mountains. Minneapolis also has numerous lakes available for swimming and fishing. There is also a bike sharing program for residents.

For those with backgrounds in technology, Minneapolis has a booming tech scene. There is also the popular Mall of America. And best of all, the home prices are not too high in this city.

  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas

This is a college town with a variety of school sporting events, so this would make Fayetteville a neat place for families. The unemployment rate is at 2.5 percent largely due to thriving companies such as Tyson Foods and Walmart.

The University of Arkansas Fayetteville is a major institution in this city. Fayetteville has plenty of parks, playgrounds, and walking trails for families to enjoy. The average housing cost in this city is $182,000.

  1. Brentwood, Tennessee

Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville, and it has quite a few family-friendly qualities. The quality of schools is good here, and the average home goes for $410,000 annually. Because this city is close to Nashville, there are some country music stars who live there.

Brentwood also has a low crime rate, making it ideal for families. Most residents in Brentwood earn close to $64,000. Also, the unemployment rate is slightly lower than the national average.

  1. Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is a family-friendly state in general, and Boulder, in particular, is an amazing place for families to live in. You and the kids will enjoy the numerous hiking trails, parks, and biking trails the city offers. The weather is also pleasant on most days of the year, and the restaurant scene is vibrant there. You’ll also find endless job opportunities thanks to the rise of startups and the presence of government research organizations.

  1. Austin, Texas

In recent years, Austin has become one of the most up-and-coming cities in the nation. There is steady job growth and the unemployment rates are low. The average price for homes in Austin is $245,000, and the average income level is $74,000. Families will love the fact that this area is home to 220 parks, over 250 gyms, and lots of swimming holes.

Bicycling Magazine also listed Austin as one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities. Austin’s elementary and high schools continue to receive high-performance rankings. Some startups that are based in Austin include RetailMeNot, WP Engine, Sparefoot, Indeed and Home Away.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is surrounded by a few lakes, making it great for families who are into water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The jobs are plentiful in Madison thanks to employers such as American Girl, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the state government and Epic Systems.

  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is one of the most beautiful, family-friendly cities with a low crime rate and growth in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, financial services, education, and public administration. The schools in Ann Arbor are also of good quality.

Also, 80 percent of the population in this city is married, and 60 percent of the residents have children under age 18. The average price of homes in Ann Arbor is $250,000.

In conclusion, these are the top family-friendly cities that will offer a high quality of life for you and your family.


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